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Vasper Health and Fitness Technology in Foster City

Vasper Health and Fitness Technology Foster City California

Foster City Wellness, LLC is excited to add Vasper, a revolutionary piece of health and fitness technology. Vasper is research-proven to improve sports performance and recovery, speed healing from injury, and promote great overall health and wellness. Vasper is utilized by performance centers, navy seals, professional athletes, astronauts and more, and now you can too.

The Science Behind Vasper

Vasper combines the scientific principles of compression, cooling and interval training all in one platform to produce phenomenal health benefits in 21-minute sessions. These principles recreate a high intensity workout without the physical wear, tear, stress or effort of more traditional workout routines. You also feel energized instead of tired after a session, and most clients report little to no soreness, making Vasper both a great complimentary routine and standalone workout.

Vasper’s compression cuffs recreate a high intensity workout by causing your body to quickly build up lactic acid, activate fast twitch muscles, and trigger a system-wide recovery response, including muscle growth.

Vasper’s cooling system works synergistically with compression to help keep you going during exercise. Cooling keeps oxygen levels high so you’re more efficient during exercise. It also reduces physical stress, pain and inflammation, helping protect you from hitting that performance wall.

Vasper takes the science one step further with copper foot plates in place of traditional pedals to provide the same effect as walking barefoot on the ground, which is how your body naturally discharges electricity and picks up healing electrons. That more balanced charge helps keep inflammation down and promotes the natural healing process.

The Health Benefits of Vasper

man on vasper bike

For Overall Health & Wellness - The key to promoting optimal health and wellness is exercising in a way that promotes what’s called anabolism, the state of muscle growth. Vasper enables everyone across all age and fitness demographics to experience the great health benefits of anabolism, including:

  • Energy and vitality all the way down to the cellular level
  • Significant improvement in sleep quality
  • Chronic pain relief
  • More lean, fat-burning muscle
  • More focus and motivation
  • Improved cognitive health

For Enhanced Physical Performance - Athletes have reported shattering personal bests after just 10 sessions on the Vasper. This is made possible by how Vasper addresses both performance and recovery. Vasper’s low impact, high efficiency workout encourages anabolism while keeping stress hormone levels low. Combined, these help you:

  • Grow more muscle faster
  • Speed recovery from workouts
  • Achieve new levels of performance
  • Gain muscle for explosive power and speed

For Rehabilitation & Recovery - Vasper is a great fit for those with injury, illness, or a condition that makes it hard to get exercise. You’ll experience:

  • Faster healing
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Better immune function
  • Faster recovery of strength, energy and endurance
  • Better injury recovery outcomes

Take Advantage of Vasper Technology in Foster City

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Ready to take advantage of this incredible technology? Foster City Wellness offers various packages based on your needs. You can pay per session or enroll in monthly savings plans. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (650) 274-1726 or click here