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What to Expect At Your Session

Your Initial Treatment Session

A 75-minute treatment is suggested for your first visit. During this first appointment, we will:

  • complete a detailed intake form to ensure your expectations and treatment goals are clearly understood.
  • have a dialog to create an understanding of benefits, limitations, and expected outcomes from the therapy.
  • provide customized treatment for maximum benefit for the client for the day.
  • discuss the follow-up and individualized treatment plan including frequency and length of treatment sessions.

Therapist' Selection of Treatment Modalities

The therapist is trained in multiple therapeutic techniques and is able to make recommendations to further enhance the therapeutic benefits of combined therapies. Selected modalities may include:

•Manual Lymphatic Drainage Joint Mobilization Technique,•de Torra© Aroma Therapy,
•Deep Tissue Massage,• Rapid Release Technology©: Scar Tissue Therapy, •Thai Massage and Assisted Stretching, •Reflexology, •Swedish, •Myofacial release.

Length of Your Treatment Session

As with traditional massage treatments, after your initial appointment, your overall session length can vary from 30 minutes up to 2.5 hours depending on the number of body areas treated and the treatment focus. For example:

  • a treatment generally covering the whole body with a specific focus on one region of the body could be done in 60 min.
  • a focused treatment in more than one body area will be 75 min. plus.
  • a complete whole-body treatment, focused on activating and detoxifying the entire lymphatic system, will typically be 2.5 hrs. long.

Your Experience During and After Your Treatment Session

We suggest that you drink plenty of water 24 hrs before, and after treatment.

The results and benefits of MLD treatments are experienced during your session and extending up to 6-12 hours post-session. This is because the treatment encourages the lymphatic fluid to be drained in the proper direction and activates the entire system. You may experience many of the following:

  • extreme relaxation
  • deep sleep (even that night)
  • prolonged pain relief
  • increased and prolonged range of motion
  • decreased inflammation
  • stress relief carried on up to several days
  • detoxifying head tension (drink more water to hydrate and support lymphatic fluid movement)
  • urge to use the restroom due to lymph fluid movement combining with the circulatory system passing out of the internal excretory and digestive organs.