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Client Testimonials

Rejuvenation of Body and Immune System Boost

“Being an avid runner, I was looking to get massages to regenerate my legs tissues and re-balance my body from the regular efforts. My Chiropractor recommended I work with Emi. The lymphatic massages provided by Emi are indeed a great way to rejuvenate my body and give a boost to my immune system. Emi is very knowledgeable about her discipline. Emi listens to her patients and their needs and customizes the therapy accordingly.

In addition to the benefits of massage, Emi provides useful insight on stretching and relaxation methods based on her extensive training and experience. On top of feeling better, I developed an exercise routine to strengthen my back. I would recommend Emi to anyone who is looking for a professional massage therapist!”


Pain Relief, Accelerated Athletic Training Component, Car Accident Recovery

"I've been to dozens of therapists and can truly say that, above all, Emi is a healer. Experienced, intuitive bodywork is very hard to find. It's been my experience that most therapists follow a 1-2-3 (and sometimes 4) approach, and while this can work, it is no substitute for true healing. After a car accident a few years back, suffering from a concussion and extreme back pain, I made it a point to include Emi in my 6-month recovery regimen. My lowest pain levels at every stage of recovery were during and following Emi's MLD treatments. Through treatment, she was even cleared up some of the concussive symptoms. No one else I called would even offer to attempt such a feat. Several times I have gone to see Emi with wrist or shoulder pain. During our sessions she has traced the symptomatic pain to its cause and addressed the source, relieving several other problem areas that I could hardly believe were related to the pain I originally came in for.

Last year, while training for a national kung fu tournament, I pinched a nerve in my upper back/neck. The competition was 7 days away and again Emi was a key component in my recovery plan. After 3 visits to Emi and a chiropractor, I was actually able to compete. Emi has a gift for understanding and treating beyond the obvious. Her knowledge of anatomy and her ability to treat tension and inflammation at its source is unparalleled and undeniable. If you're thinking "it's just a massage" you should go somewhere else. If you are in a position where you need tangible healing then you are in the right place."


ACL/Knee Injury Recovery

"Before my knee surgery in late 2006, I was highly active. I played a lot of basketball, about twice a week at least, and could last for at least 2 hours and I play table tennis on occasions. After the surgery, I was able to recuperate in about 4 months. As much as I’d like to play basketball, I was not in shape so I joined a gym and had to work out and build muscles especially for my leg which was operated on my knee with regards to my ACL. I was quite healthy as I saw it. My workouts in the gym were done at least 3 times a week. But there is one thing I can’t do, and that is running - even using the thread mill. I can only last for about 5 minutes.

I tried playing hoops and see if I can pick up from where I left but I couldn't really gain a comfortable feeling playing hoops. So from June 2007 until July 2012, I only play hoops by myself since I can’t run the way I used to.

In August 2012, Emi Terada was recommended by a friend. So I tried lymphatic drainage to see if it can help me in my limited range of motion. After 3 sessions and concentrating on the repaired knee, she noticed that there were scar tissues on the knee area. The treatments actually cleared that area and gained more motion with my knee. So by September 2012, I started to explore and see if I can start playing basketball again. After 3 sessions in clearing the scar tissue, I started playing with my friends and played full-court basketball for at least 1.5 hours or more every week. To date, I’ve been playing basketball on weekends and still do my work out at the gym."

James Torrefranca

Accelerated Surgery Recovery

I first met Emi when a friend gave me her name. Since then I have been her client for 3 years. I have seen her for maintenance but most importantly after my surgery. I had surgery twice. The first time I didn't know Emi. The second time Emi gave me a lymph treatment prior to surgery and then again after surgery. Besides treatment, she advised me on a diet for post-surgery. My first surgery took me months to recover.

The second surgery took days!!!! I wasn't swollen, I didn't feel lethargic or sick. It was such an amazing difference! I am an intense person who finds little relief from chronic pain and self-caused worry. When I visit Emi, I usually fall asleep during my sessions. She has brought a sense of calm to my mind, taught me about health, and provided me healing. It was a blessing to find her! I think anyone who has chronic pain or an ongoing medical condition like me would only benefit from meeting Emi - she understands the full medical/healing picture, her therapy was an amazing compliment to my medical treatments. She understood medical jargon and things about my illness I didn't know, her advice, her guidance, her healing powers... Thanks, Emi, you are fantastic!


Increased Range of Motion, Pain Relief, Deeper Sleep, Immune System Boost

I was involved in a car accident in which I injured my neck, shoulders, whole back, and pelvis. I have been having pain, stiffness, and difficulty moving my body parts, sleep, interact normally at home, work, and with family. After having massage therapy with Emi, I discovered that the body pains have decreased and have a wider range of motion. I can move my neck with a wider range, bend my back a lot easier, my shoulder blades could move with less stiffness, pain with wider motions. I have better sleep quality and I have not been sick since I have the therapy. I have been to other kinds of massage but they could not help me just like Emi. They could not relieve my stiffness and pain. In addition, Emi is such a nice and encouraging person. She is very knowledgeable about muscles, tissues, and different types of massages. She knows exactly when to do deeper massage for better relief and when to stop working too much on the muscle or tissue. Emi gave me a lot of encouragement and positive thoughts when I feel sad and depress from all this pain. I could not return to live my normal life again with Emi.

F. Wong

Car Accident Recovery—Pain Relief, Better Sleep

I started getting Emi's manual lymphatic drainage treatment after I was injured in an accident. Though my most injured areas such as neck and upper shoulder got better with chiropractic treatment, my lower back and hip pain stubbornly stayed. Emi took time to listen to my concerns and conditions to get to know me before she started her treatment.

I didn't have much knowledge of manual lymphatic drainage treatment but Emi took time to answer all my questions so I understand the benefit from it. Prior to my treatment, my lower back pain prohibits me to continually stay with the same posture for no more than 20 minutes or less but immediately after the treatment, I felt unbelievably less or almost no pain. I felt as if Emi manually removed my pain!! I also noticed that I get a really good night's sleep after the treatment. I feel very fortunate to be seen by a passionate therapist like Emi. I would love to recommend Emi to my friends that are seeking natural therapeutic massage.