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The Owner / Therapist

Emi Calva-Terada


Emi was born and raised in Japan as a bilingual Japanese-American. She grew up surrounded by the Asian Alternative Medical Modalities. She believes in approaching the body as a whole and provides therapies accordingly.

Emi has two Bachelor's degrees from Arizona State University and attended Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, located in Tempe, AZ and earned a Master of Massage Therapy. She is also Nationally Certified by NCBTMB (highest recognized accrediting body for massage therapists). She has studied in more than three countries and has logged over 3000 hours of bodywork training. She has completed over 1000 hours of training through Dr. Vodder School of International in the original Dr. Vodder Method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD©) and Combined Decongestive Therapy. She finds working in the Alternative Medical Field fulfilling and is passionate about wellness.

Emi has experienced several health challenges and decided to become her own advocate for her health. She looked for natural ways to heal her body and complementary preventative therapies as she thought out wellness.

If you wish to de-stress, detox, experience long-term pain relief plus anti-aging benefits, and achieve a sense of well being though Manual Lymphatic Drainage, come and join the others!

Waterbrook Wellness, LLC came as a result of personal health challenges I faced over the past 23 years as I endured and overcome various pain. My journey has been difficult to say the least. One of the biggest hurdles I faced was finding practitioners who listened with compassion to my desires to use natural methods to address my conditions. I strive to become the practitioner that I searched for and so desperately needed. I am healthy now thanks to this type of practitioner and the loving support of my husband, Israel.

My passion and vision uses cutting edge method to approach the body as a whole by focusing on our lymphatic system. I continually see positive results and feedback as people experience pain relief plus a sense of well-being.